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Benefits of Biotin

The use of intravenous therapy to promote a range of health benefits is more popular than ever. When planning to use those treatments for optimized repair, recovery, and rehydration on a cellular level, though, it’s imperative that you choose a solution that includes the right ingredients. Biotin is one of the most effective on the market, which is why anyone considering IV should make it their responsibility to learn more about it.

Here’s everything you need to know about Biotin benefits, including what it can achieve for your health as well as a list of IV solutions that utilize it.

What is Biotin?

Also referred to as vitamin H, Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin. Its chemical formula is C10H16N2O3S while its molar mass is 244.31/g/mo.

Etymologically speaking, the word Biotin stems from the Greek word “biotos”, which translates to “life”. Biotin is used to help convert food into energy, which is why it is deemed to be one of the most important vitamins included in any nutritional IV therapy process.

Biotin is gained naturally from following a healthy diet, with most recommendations for adults sitting between 30 and 100 micrograms (mcg) per day. However, additional volumes can be achieved through the use of intravenous therapy.

Biotin Benefits 

Biotin is a vitamin that linked to a whole host of potential health benefits, which is why it’s a commonly used ingredient in various IV therapy treatments.

Stronger hair and nails

Studies show that a deficiency in Biotin can result in noticeable hair loss. It is heavily suggested that weak nails are another sign of deficiency. As such, it is widely accepted that the Biotin vitamin can support stronger hair and nails.

This is underlined by the fact that Biotin is now added into many salon products. While the research into the positive effects are minimal, Biotin benefits are believed to have a very positive influence. For the best results, injections and oral administrations are highly advised.

Biotin is shown to play a key role in the hormone function of the nervous system, making it a vital ingredient for keeping the skin in great health from the inside out. From fighting the signs of aging to combating dry, itchy skin, this can be a secret weapon.

Healthier skin

Rashes, acne, psoriasis, dermatitis and a variety of other skin conditions have been linked to a deficiency of the Biotin vitamin. IV injections containing vitamin H can, therefore, be utilized to promote far healthier skin.

Lower cholesterol

LDL levels, otherwise known as bad cholesterol, can lead to serious health problems, including potentially life-threatening issues, such as strokes and heart disease. Early indications suggest that Biotin reduces LDL levels, which is a major health benefit for users.

The early human studies follow research into animal impacts, which further suggest that Biotin can be a major feature of fighting bad cholesterol in an effective manner. When incorporated into a winning nutrition strategy, the results can be incredible.

Improved metabolism

Metabolic functions are considered a primary feature of maintaining a good body image while also using energy in the right way to promote healthy organs. Biotin benefits include actively breaking down carbohydrates, fats and protein into energy, which has a positive impact on overall health.

When the body is able to utilize food energy in a better way, the impact it can have on your body shape and general approach to nutrition is simply phenomenal. Any of the IV therapy treatments (listed below) that embrace this vitamin will show those benefits.

Regulate blood sugar

Blood sugar levels are very important for our general health, especially for those suffering from diabetes. A deficiency in Biotin is shown to have a largely negative impact on the body’s ability to control glucose levels. IV therapy can make a telling difference.

Research has pinpointed a Chromium Picolinate/Biotin combination as the perfect form of treatment. Injections that contain Biotin will promote the body’s natural abilities to regulate blood sugar levels, preventing a range of organ-related diseases.

Improved general health

A host of different vitamins can help us feel better in general life. Biotin is one that can promote a variety of benefits, as food energy will be utilized in a winning manner. For almost immediate perks, this is a winning solution.

As well as the physical rewards of topping up your levels of this crucial vitamin, it’s likely that there will be a placebo effect to consider too. This can change your mentality and enable you to get on with daily activities with greater success.

Furthermore, Biotin’s water-soluble properties ensure that it can pass through the body via urine, meaning very few users experience any side effects of note.


Where can Biotin be found?

As far as natural foods are concerned, Biotin can be found in nuts, egg yolks, whole grains, bananas, mushrooms, and organ meats including liver and kidneys. However, the vitamin is also found in a variety of IV solutions.

Take a look at the various IV drips that can help you experience Biotin benefits:

The Super Drip – which also includes B12, Selenium, B Complex, Taurine, Glutathione, Vitamin C and Magnesium. It is designed to replenish essential vitamins, aminos, and electrolytes.

The Hangover Drip – which also includes B12, Magnesium, B Complex, Vitamin C, and Selenium. It replaces key vitamins and aminos to bring your body back to its best.

The Her Drip – which also includes B12, Magnesium, and Toradol. It is designed to help reduce some of the pains and symptoms experienced during heavy periods.

The Flawless Drip – which also includes B Complex, Vitamin C, and Glutathione. It is designed to promote youthful looking skin, hair, and nails.

Like most vitamins, Biotin is important to the human body and low levels can lead to a variety of issues. Conversely, getting a few extra mcgs through intravenous therapy can bring a host of immediate and ongoing health benefits.

To find out more about the various IV therapies that allow you to experience the various Biotin benefits, give our experts a call today.

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