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How does IV therapy work?

IV therapy is a safe, effective way to give your body the nutrients it needs directly into your bloodstream. A painless procedure, a simple prick is all that hurts throughout the entire process. IVs have been a staple of medical practice because in extreme cases, it drastically increases the chance of survival. However, even in non-extreme circumstances, IVs provide us with the single best means of administering the necessary nutrients throughout the body.

Intravenous therapy (IV) is a method of delivering medication, nutrients, or other liquid substances directly into one’s bloodstream. Commonly called ‘drips,’ IVs are generally administered through a catheter into the bloodstream. Given how fast blood circulates, IVs are considered the quickest way to deliver medication throughout the body.
The formula used in IVs depends on the needs of the patient. It can be a combination of vitamins, electrolytes, saline solution, or a variety of medications. The intended purpose is to keep the body nourished, frequently much more effectively than eating or drinking.

The Process

During an IV procedure, a nurse begins by first sanitizing the area where the needle will be in the vein. A thin needle inside a catheter is then used to pierce the skin and insert the catheter into the vein. The catheter is taped to hold it in place. The process itself is generally painless, other than a slight pinch during insertion.
The IV line is attached to a bag containing a saline solution that’s hung high above the patient’s head. IVs work with the help of gravity, which pushes the fluid down into the blood.
Almost all of our own IV treatment options generally take 45 minutes. Just take a look at our booking options for more details.

What’s Inside an IV

You can’t understand how an IV works without also understanding what’s in one. Although it varies, all IVs have two essential ingredients.

  1.  Saline solution is fundamental to proper IV therapy. This liquid is a combination of sodium chloride and water, which is used as the medium of delivery for vitamins and medication. It also hydrates the body and provides it with electrolytes.
  2.  Most IVs also contain vitamins and antioxidants. Usually obtained through food or drink, IVs often contain them to ensure that the body is fully-functional and is receiving all its necessary nutrients.

Of course, the IV solution depends on the patient’s needs. Although all IVs contain a saline solution and essential vitamins, medication can also be added to the mix for a speedy recovery.

Reasons for an IV

IVs are generally painless and are administered quite routinely. They also increase one’s chance of survival significantly in cases of massive bleeding or life-threatening infections.
There are multiple reasons one would need an IV. Because oral medications require them passing through the digestive systems, IVs are a workaround which can be life-saving. In short, the procedure allows for necessary nutrients to circulate through the bloodstream directly. It’s a simple procedure which is credit with saving countless lives.
However, even if you’re not experiencing life-threatening symptoms, IVs can give you that energy boost you’ve been looking for. IVs have become a popular means of also restoring the body’s nutritional balance. For example, IVs have been administered to treat hangovers, dehydration from illness, or even jet lag. This is because medical experts can quickly pinpoint what your body is lacking and rebalance it through IV therapy.

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