Drip IV Therapy Reviews & Testimonials

What our clients are saying


“Hands down the best IV experience I have had to date. The most professional, sanitary and customer service oriented organization in the marketplace. Look forward to using you both personally and professionally consistently. The B12 treatment is absolutely incredible!”

Matthew Boblick


“Having this service available to me in the comfort of my own home has been a dream! This team was able to customize my drip to my specific needs, without me having to go in to some office for a lengthy consultation.”

Lukas Stuart-Fry


“I decided to book this place after a bachelor party for the group. This place is amazing. Friendly staff and knowledgeable. My nurse stuck me on the first try. If you are in LA, and you want a speedy recovery from late night festivities, this is the place to go!! Get a package that has a B12 shot, life saver.”

Michael Eggum


“Amazing customer service! Taylor was super friendly and informative. She helped me get over my fear of needles. It was a quick and pain free process 🙂 10/10 WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!!!”

Deja Bynum


“Drip IV is fast, reliable, and professional, I use them every time I’m in LA and for all my clients that visit regularly”

Eric D
“Such professional service – goes above & beyond what’s advertised, and left me feeling refreshed & ready for my day!”
Kristina Hrodz