6 Ways Mobile IV Therapy in LA Can Boost Your Immune System

February 4, 2020 Drip IV Therapy

The immune system plays a vital role in keeping our bodies healthy and fighting off invading germs. It protects us from all varieties of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and maladies,  but unfortunately, it is not often given the attention and support that it needs and deserves. Mobile IV therapy is a form of treatment that delivers a significant dose of vital vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream. It can have a substantial positive effect on your immune system, here’s how:

Hydration is essential

Mobile IV therapy provides a large dose of fluids which is then absorbed by the body’s cells, so they can work as effectively as possible. Cells use water to remove toxins and waste, transport oxygen, and circulate nutrients. Adding necessary vitamins and minerals to these fluids provide cells with the energy and nutrients they need to fight off microscopic threats, heal itself, and keep the body healthy.

Stay stocked up on Vitamin C

One of the key ingredients in a mobile IV therapy drip is vitamin C, an essential nutrient for all humans. It plays a major role in protecting the body by supporting the cellular functions of the immune system. Vitamin C is also central in reducing the impact of free radicals in the body which are cell-damaging components that are thought to contribute to premature aging, heart disease, and cancer. Vitamin C has plenty of other positive effects as well, such as improving mood, preventing hypertension, and increasing the healing power of the body.

Get the B-Complex Vitamins

There is also a range of B-Complex Vitamins that can be delivered with every IV therapy. All B vitamins play an essential role within the body’s immune system. Particularly vitamin B-6, which is a key ingredient in the creation of new red blood cells and in strengthening the immune system by helping the body form antibodies needed to fight off infections B-Complex Vitamins are also used widely by those with autoimmune conditions, such as lupus and type-1 diabetes.

Boost the production of glutathione

Another essential mineral that can be added to your IV therapy is Selenium, which increases the body’s production of glutathione. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant, like vitamin C, that acts as a detoxifier, immune system supporter, and wards off free radicals. Selenium itself also plays a key role in preventing cognitive decline, supporting thyroid and cardiovascular health, and neutralizing unstable molecules that can damage other cells, which may prevent other health disorders. 

It helps fight stress too

Stress can have adverse effects on the body’s immune functions because stress impairs the body’s ability to fight off antigens. Significant amounts of stress and/or anxiety have been proven to suppress the immune system and make sicknesses linger longer than usual. A visit from a Drip IV Therapy provider can serve as a therapeutic time allowing the body and mind to relax knowing that you are prioritizing self-care by providing your body with the nutrients it needs to be able to take care of itself.

Part of a healthy diet

Though it’s not a substitute for nutrients from the food by any means, a mobile IV drip can help contribute to a healthy diet. IV therapies can aid in fulfilling the body’s requirements when there are nutritional deficiencies. With IV therapy, nutrients and vitamins are absorbed directly into the bloodstream without having to first be processed by the stomach, like with traditional oral vitamins.

Mobile IV therapy could have a significant impact on health by giving the immune system the boost and TLC that it needs and deserves. Call us to book an appointment (213) 262 9665 or book online at www.dripivtherapies.com/book.