The Drip Lounge Partners with Celebrity Athlete Gym Unbreakable Performance

The Drip Lounge and Unbreakable Performance are excited to announce that they have partnered together to bring Unbreakable Performance’s clientele access to The Drip Lounge’s cutting edge vitamin infusions IV therapies and vitamin shots. This means that Unbreakable Performance gym members will no longer have to get their B12 through calorie laden energy drinks, instead they can get them through the more effective B12 shots. The Drip Lounge also offers IV therapies to help clients receive therapies for certain chronic medical conditions such as Fibromyalgia, asthma, and allergies. These therapies can help make day-to-day life more manageable for those suffering from certain chronic conditions.

If building and maintaining muscle mass is the goal of the client, The Drip Lounge has IV therapies available to help Unbreakable Performance clients meet their goals. When The Drip Lounge’s therapies are combined with the services at Unbreakable Performance, maintaining a healthy lifestyle will be even easier. Everyone is allowed a night to unwind, but that doesn’t mean they should have to pay for it all the next day. Getting back to the gym after a night out with friends will be even easier after receiving The Drip Lounge’s IV Rehydration Therapy. This IV therapy helps to restore the body’s vitamin levels and detox after a night of too much fun.

To learn more about The Drip Lounge and Unbreakable Performance check out their website at

And remember getting healthy has never been easier!


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