UFC’s Fighters From Iridium Sports Agency Come to the Drip Lounge for IV Vitamin Therapy

UFC’s fighters have a new lounge to hang out in. The Drip Lounge is not a new coffee shop, but a place where the fighters can go to receive IV drips full of nutrients and vitamins to bolster their strength, stamina and energy. The Iridium Sports Agency is reportedly sending their Ultimate Fight Champion clients in to partake of the drips, as it is believed that serving up the intravenous vitamin cocktails will help each fighter improve their overall health and maximize their fighting potential in the ring.

There are many IVs to choose from: Immunity Drip, Muscle Recovery Drip, Skinny Drip, Beauty Drip, Hangover Drip, and Super Combo Drip. They don’t come cheap either. The Muscle Recovery Drip runs 149.99 and the Super Combo Drip will set you back 249.99.

The controversial practice is gaining traction among athletes and super models, as they scurry to the nearest lounge to hook up and relax as the vitamins are infused into their bodies. The IV vitamin solution is capable of targeting tissue much more efficiently than downing a fist full of football-sized pills.

Make no mistake; UFC fighters are getting the vitamin cocktails. Although not managed by Iridium Sports Agency, two fighters are featured on an IV vitamin therapy Facebook page. One of the UFC fighters is photographed in the ring, while the other is sitting back and relaxing as he and his coach indulge in the new trend. Although not at The Drip Lounge, it shows that this is becoming an accepted trend among these athletes.

The Iridium Sports Agency is committed to making the most of every second of everyday–all 86,40000 of them–so why not have their UFC fighters take advantage of relaxation and add a little vitamin therapy to the mix, giving them the edge they need.

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