The Drip Lounge “Skinny Drip” is a Vitamin IV Weight-loss Solution

The Drip Lounge presents the “Skinny Drip”

The Drip Lounge offers many in demand IV therapies that promote health, hydration, and vitamins to increase beauty and energy. The benefits of using IV therapy are evident in its immediate effects due to 100% absorption. In addition to its healthful qualities, the Skinny Drip is touted as a weight loss solution.

The “Skinny Drip” delivers its potent ingredients through the MIC blend in combination with water to hydrate the body and cleanse it from toxins. The “Skinny Drip” is a fast and easy solution for reaching your target weight while helping to produce a natural and youthful glow for the face and body.

The MIC Blend

This “Skinny Drip” is a Vitamin IV that uses the MIC blend (methionine, inositol, and choline); this special treatment promotes a healthy metabolism and is beneficial in weight loss.

  • Methionine is an amino acid that directly aids in metabolism.
  • Choline is Vitamin B and is found naturally in the diet, particularly in eggs, peanuts, and wheat germ. Also, choline is found in food products that need an emulsifier such as salad dressing and chocolate.
  • Inositol provides antioxidant properties that promote the health of the nervous system and the eye. This vitamin is related to B and reduces the effects of aging. Inositol is often used in diet supplements and is found naturally in cabbage, liver, and egg yolks.

The MIC blend is used in combination with water in the hydration process, which boosts a youthful appearance as it refreshes the body and skin.

IV Therapy is growing in popularity because it helps to maintain overall health, beauty, and provides immediate effects. The “Skinny Drip” is powerful and effective with delivery of the MIC blend which delivers hydrating qualities and important nutrients that aid in metabolism and the elimination of toxins. The “Skinny Drip” is a simple yet impressive weight loss solution.


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