B12 Shots for Energy, No More Energy Drinks

If you’re ever in serious need of an energy boost, then instead of reaching for that Red Bull energy drink, you might want to consider a vitamin B-12 injection. Why B-12 injections? Well, there are several reasons why you should opt for a B-12 injection as opposed to drinking one of the popular energy drinks currently on the market.

Real, sustained energy

When energy drinks are relied upon for quick energy, they often fail to deliver the intended results. First of all, the main ingredient in most energy drinks is caffeine. Caffeine can effectively assist a person with experiencing more energy, however, it is often at a cost. Caffeine can cause a person to feel jittery, and often after providing a short burst of energy following in the infamous “crash”. During the crash period, extreme fatigue is sometimes experienced.

Alternately, B-12 shots provide lasting, sustained energy that will not end with uncomfortable crashes. Many individuals are totally unaware that their B-12 levels are much lower than normal. By getting B-12 injections, levels can be normalized, which can result in not only increased energy levels, but it can rev up your metabolism and boost your mood. There are many other benefits of B-12 shots that you might want to take advantage of, as well, such as an improved memory.

So don’t hesitate to get your B-12 injection today at the Drip Lounge. It doesn’t matter if you’re suffering from chronic low energy levels or you would like to increase your energy just prior to heading out for a night on the town. B-12 shots can provide you with natural, lasting energy, without the annoying jitters or crashes that the average energy drink can cause. You can feel better and more energetic than you have in a long time with safe and natural B-12 injections.


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